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Tribe Creative is a boutique web solutions company – we do things a bit differently!

Simple right?

About Us.

Tribe Creative is a boutique web solutions company – we do things a bit differently!

We work with clients who have great ideas but might be short on the technical strategy.

How do you get your idea, your new venture, into the cloud?

What is the strategic planning you need to do to take your business to your online audience.

We work as your online web managers!

Our advice is specifically tailored for the benefit of your business.

We don't take on every project!

We are a small team with a high level of expertise. We don’t accept every project but we will help every person with a strategy that points you in the best direction. If you continue with us it is we will represent your interests with a high level of service and integrity.

We will will only refer you to vendors and partners we use ourselves or have a history of business with. We will only vouch for strategies or products that have a proven history of benefits and are in your interests.  

All services offered from mainland Australia

We don’t outsource our business overseas. We believe in the Australian hosting and web design industry and we buy Australian where possible.

Our support team is local and only a phone call, or email away, and will respond to you with timeliness.

Where we do offer products from overseas companies you will always have an Australian account manager to liase with.

Decades of experience.

The principals and staff at Tribe Creative have worked in all areas of the webhosting industry. Some as far back as the first days of the web in 1993! 

You can rely on our experience to point you in the right direction. We offer strategies that we would only use if your business was also our business


Current hosting technology and security

TribeHost.au utilises up to date hosting technology. Many companies squeeze as much as they can from older, cheaper amd slower technology to maximise their profits. This is common position for companies to take, and it’s understandable.

However, TribeHost.au utilises smaller profile, faster, up to date technology and integrated security to ensure you get the highest performance from your hosting. It is not one size fits all!

We will assess your traffic needs and recommend the best, scalable solution for your enterprise.

After all your success, your SEO, and your end-user experience is entirely dependent on the quality of your hosting.

For the more technical!

We host with up to date cPanel, PHP, MySQL and Litespeed server technologies.

Our back end systems utilise highspeed, multicore processors and nVME SSD disk storage technology this is much faster than standard SATA SSD or SAS Array technology.

What this means is high performance website hosting that can compete with Google’s emphasis on ‘response time’ as a ranking metric.

With our Litespeed web server technology you can take adavantage of an integrated server cache as well as the WordPress’ Litespeed Cache plugin. It also offers a layer of protection for DDOS attacks and brute force traffic.

What about uptime?

Uptime is a prehistoric metric. It is the blunt edge of website health.

What counts is – Is my website application or site available to my customers! Is it fast and easy to use? Can I update it easily? and .. Is my data safe!?

As a targeted hosting service we offer a different approach than larger hosting companies.

Our belief is that all IT systems can fail. That is a fact. We plan for this. Our strategies don’t plan for uptime they plan for recovery. So you are covered even in the event that things go wrong.

We offer full disaster recovery strategies that cover our entire hosting platform. These strategies offer a server platform recovery in  matter of minutes (not days!). In addition, we offer full granular backup of all your web content files, email accounts, databases, ssl certificates that cover 21 days of history as a minimum. These backups are stored at a completely different datacentre than our hosting servers, giving you the safety of geographical separation. You can recover any data you need to with a few clicks using the built in cPanel interface that comes with every hosting account.

Any other planned maintenance or upgrades that TribeHost.au will undertake are done with notice via email and out of common high traffic periods.


Why WordPress?

WordPress is simply the world’s most used CMS, or Content Management System… and for good reason!

WordPress is always under constant improvement and security improvements to meet the changing enviroments and conditions on the internet. Not only keeping your online data safe but making it very easy for you to keep your data and content up to date.

What about WordPress Support?

Tribe Creative has worked with WordPress for over a decade creating literally hundreds of web sites, ecommerce solutions and integrated business applications.

However, the WordPress community wordwide as your support network is huge! You will never be short of support or hosting options.

I am not a web developer, or even good with computers.

Not to worry. Coupled with TribeCreative’s training options or full admin and content support we have you covered. We capacity build with our clients. What you can and want to do – we can train you to do. What you don’t want to do we can take care of as your ‘online content team’ directly.

Coupled with DIVI we build web solutions – not simply websites. That is, a web application that becomes an integral part of what you do, a showcase for your passion or business.

It is improtant to us that you own your content, can access it for changes, and that it empowers your project. 

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Let’s Build Something

We love projects! and.. We love ideas! Contact us and let’s have a chat and see what we can do with yours. 

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